GoFarm's First Blog Post!

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

GoFarm has been around since 2014, but we've been doing a tremendous amount of research on the food system for many years prior. We've worked with over 25 Colorado farmers and made great progress in making food more accessible and affordable to more people. Through this work we've learned so much, and have a great understanding of our food system and the benefits of local, sustainable agriculture. It's time that we share that knowledge with all of you!

This blog will give us a platform to share all the things we've learned, tell the story of what we do everyday and showcase the causes we support. We'll post about our farmers, our shareholders, our food, agriculture and sustainable living, our community access programs and progress with food equity, and the list goes on.

We want you to be engaged and informed on the work we're doing, and help you understand the impact of your participation in GoFarm. We appreciate you, and we hope you find this blog useful and fun to read!

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GoFarm works to strengthen the local food system and build healthier communities. Through our three program areas (Farmer Assistance, Local Food Share, and Community Access) we support local, beginning, farmers, train/mentor aspiring farmers, and make healthy food more affordable and accessible to the community.

Through our Local Food Share program, community members sign up for a season of local, sustainable produce, and get to learn all about the food and the farmers throughout the growing season. You can sign up for the Local Food Share here.

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