Local Food Share


Connecting the community to local agriculture though a Multi-Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

We believe that everyone has the right to know where their food comes from and how it was grown. This is what our Local Food Share program is all about. 


The Local Food Share is a multi-farm CSA program where participants sign up for a season of fresh, local, sustainably-grown food. Each week during the season participants:

  • take home fresh, local, seasonal produce AND receive recipe inspiration, cooking tips, and more!

  • get to know our local farmers and support GoFarm's Farmer Assistance program.

  • help make healthy food more affordable and accessible in under-resourced communities and support our Community Food Access program.

How It Works

2020 Summer Season: June 10 - October 23 (20 weeks)

2020 Fall Season: November 4 - December 9 (8 weeks)


Sign up online and follow the on-screen directions. You'll be prompted to:


You can pay for the full season upfront or in 5 installments. If you sign up after the season has started, the cost will be pro-rated.


Each week during the season our local farmers drop off their delicious, sustainably-grown food, and you'll meet us at your chosen pickup location to pick up your share!


If you miss picking up one week, the food won’t go to waste! We donate leftover food to our Community Food Access program where we host markets at Head Start preschools and senior living facilities.


Why Sign Up For The Local Food Share?

With GoFarm, your purchase has impact, you are voting with your dollar, and you are creating a stronger, healthier local food system.

In a traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, members make a commitment to their local farmer by paying upfront for a season of produce. This upfront payment is vital to the success of many farmers. It provides funds to help them prepare for the season ahead (i.e. purchase seeds, pay farm staff, prepare the fields, repair/purchase machinery, etc.). Then during the growing season, farmers share their bounty of food with their members, as well as share the risk if any unexpected occurrence hurts their crop (most commonly from bad weather).

Many of local farmers have their own CSA program AND source to GoFarm's Local Food Share. Our farmers benefit from and rely on GoFarm's consistency, quantity, convenience, and exposure. Many of them even set aside a portion of their fields just for GoFarm customers.

By being part of our Local Food Share, YOU are supporting these local farmers. You are creating demand for local, organic, sustainably-grown food, and helping our local food system THRIVE.

You are also helping GoFarm thrive. You're not only paying for food, but providing funds that allow us to support local farmers, train and mentor beginning farmers, and make food more accessible and affordable to those most vulnerable to food insecurity and hunger.

Our farmers rely on your commitment as a Local Food Share participant, as do we. This is why we treat all orders as non-refundable, unless there are extenuating circumstances. We appreciate your support and your eagerness to be part of the local food movement with us!

GoFarm works to transform our local food system into one that is thriving, environmental sustainable, and equitable for all. Through our three program areas, we support and mentor local farmers, make healthy food more affordable and accessible to under-resourced communities, and connect people with where their food comes from.

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