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Let's make healthy food more affordable!

As part of our mission to bring healthy, local, affordable food to everyone in our community, we offer half price shares for eligible limited-income households, that are not currently enrolled in SNAP


Fill out the form below to request a half price share (also known as the GoFarm Discount Local Food Share.

*Note: If you are enrolled in SNAP you do not need to fill out this form. Click here for more information on getting 50% off by paying with your SNAP benefits.


Within three days of submitting the form, we will email you a confirmation of your request. If approved, you will receive a 50% off coupon code to use when signing up.


Head to the signup portal and follow the directions to sign up for your Local Food Share online. Remember to enter your 50% off coupon code on the "Terms" page.


You are all set! Meet us at your selected distribution location each week throughout the season to pick up your delicious, local produce!

Visit our How it Works page to get more information on the Local Food Share program. You can also check out the types of shares we offer and view our distribution locations. If you have more questions or want to talk with a GoFarm staff member directly, contact Jess Soulis, the Community Access Program Manager.

Jess Soulis

Community Access Program Manager


If you or anyone in your household is enrolled in the following program, please let us know below:


If you are not enrolled in any of the previously listed programs, please fill out the income level question below:

The number above is:

Please type, "I Agree" in the box below:

*Income qualifications for Discount Share eligibility:

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GoFarm works to strengthen the local food system and build healthier communities. Through our three program areas (Farmer Assistance, Local Food Share, and Community Access) we support local, beginning, farmers, train/mentor aspiring farmers, and make healthy food more affordable and accessible to the community.

Through our Local Food Share program, community members sign up for a season of local, sustainable produce, and get to learn all about the food and the farmers throughout the growing season. You can sign up for the Local Food Share here.

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